Partnership – the key to success

Partnership – the key to success


In a word our name Societas (Latin for partnership) describes our approach and philosophy. We passionately believe that partnership is key to success, working alongside our partners to facilitate change, enable transformation, and to achieve excellence in service delivery.

Having studied the market, we have chosen to keep our fixed costs as low as practicable, delivering cost effective solutions achieved through the establishment of a series of strategic long-term partnerships with organisations and people whose skills are proven and have first class track records.

 We believe in working closely with our clients, sharing their objectives, helping to deliver their vision. We recognise that, ultimately, it’s people, attitude and culture that make the difference. So, when all key criteria are met, we know that people would like to work with a partner with which they can build a relationship based on trust, collaboration and understanding. We are open and honest in our dealings and sensitive to your needs always trying to provide options and alternatives. If we are not certain that the benefits will outweigh the costs, we do not recommend action and admit what we don’t know. From our partners and clients, we ask for a similar frankness, and act on what they say.


Growing our knowledge

We try not to jump to conclusions, but ask questions until we have a full and detailed picture. We set a high value on rigour of thinking: on being thorough and clear, and not taking thingsat face value.Priding ourselves on our thorough research we are always keen to learn about new ideas, approaches and best practice.

We want to make sure that the projects we deliver are sustainable and we give a good return on the investment in our services. We strive to apply consistently high standards to our work and our dealings with others. So we respond quickly when asked for our help; and never let short-term concerns distract us from resolving the vital questions.

We are proudly Welsh and recognise and develop local knowledge and local accountability whilst also offering a national and international perspective.We don’t want clients to be dependent on us, therefore much of our energy is spent in genuinely helping an organisation to help itself. We take an upbeat view of the world, looking for the good in situations and don’t give up when situations become difficult. At the same time was are curious, always challenging ourselves and others to achieve more, whilst remaining pragmatic and realistic in creating strategies and programmes that can be implemented and will have lasting benefit.

We work hard from the outset and are committed to demonstrate all of these qualities from concept to project completion and beyond, for every client and for every project.